The Claudettes at the Decatur Celebration

Had the pleasure of filming the Claudettes at the 2014 Decatur Celebration. Thanks for the interview and the great show! 

The Claudettes on Sound Opinions!

We have lots of new photos coming soon, featuring our dancer/chanteuse Yana. In the meantime, listen to our appearance on Sound Opinions. This made us so happy:

The Claudettes win TWO Independent Music Award with their debut album!

First, the Claudettes won the Independent Music Award for Best Instrumental Album. Then, we won the Independent Music Award’s “Vox Populi” award for Best Long Form Video! A clean sweep of sorts. The awards (scroll down):

The album (for your appreciation and consumption):

Elwood Blues digs the Claudettes

The audio link is down now, but here’s his (Dan Aykroyd’s) selection of the Claudettes on his radio show:

The Claudettes, live in the studio, Chicago, IL


The Claudettes

The Claudettes: Flipbook-style video #1

The Claudettes: Flipbook-style video #2