The Claudettes win an Independent Music Award with their debut album!

I am in Helsinki, where I just got word from Mike Powers (and Yellow Dog Records) that our Yellow Dog Records debut, “Infernal Piano Plot…HATCHED!,” has won Best Instrumental Album in the Independent Music Awards.
Michael Jay Caskey played drums; I played the piano; Anthony Gravinorecorded/mixed; Yana Atim is singing and dancing with us on stage now (good choice, Claudette). We have tons of shows this summer and fall. This is good stuff. Hail, hail

The album (for your appreciation and consumption):

sheet music


Hi is there any way I could get sheet music for Tremblin Blues?

Maybe it’s just in your head?  But I would like to try playing it.  I’m pretty green, but I love the sound.

As you guessed, it is in my head. Check out the compilation called Blues Piano Orgy. It has that tune and many other great piano cuts. I like Stendahl Stomp, too. Thanks, keep in touch

Elwood Blues digs the Claudettes

The audio link is down now, but here’s his (Dan Aykroyd’s) selection of the Claudettes on his radio show:

candancep said: Hello, I saw you in Traverse City on 10/13 I am just wondering if the lady on the stage is part of the band? The performance is unlike anything I have ever seen and you guys did such a great job.

Our boss, Claudette, either comes herself to sell beer and keep things moving on stage, or sends an assistant. In this case, what you saw was her tenant Tatyana Prozorov, who is working off some debt to Claudette. Thanks for asking. We had a great time playing in TC and will be coming back regularly. If you’d like email announcements when we are coming back, please email And/or like The Claudettes on Facebook. Thanks again… 

The Claudettes, live in the studio, Chicago, IL


The Claudettes

The Claudettes: Flipbook-style video #1

The Claudettes: Flipbook-style video #2